Stop Orphaned & Abandoned

Child Hunger


(Political Activism, Relief, & Institutional Startups)


  • Stops orphaned & abandoned child hunger, child labour and sends them to school.

  • Builds computer labs, teaches coding and robotics to slum school children.

  • Stops chemically tainted children’s food through community policing & organizing.


Orphaned & Abandoned Child Hunger:

Single and poor mothers from the lowest income households in Bangladesh - are unable to feed their children - who are orphaned or abandoned by their father. These hungry orphaned and abandoned children are forced into bonded or hazardous child labour, working long hours. They DO NOT attend SCHOOL as they are forced to WORK due to HUNGER.

  • A quarter population in extreme poverty.

  • A third of children out of school.

  • 1 child out of 33 die before 5th birthday - 4 times higher than US.

  • A third of all children’s growth stunted.

Tainted Children's Foods:

Tainted Children’s Foods: Children in Bangladesh cannot escape eating foods injected with formalin or other chemicals. Hence they face serious illnesses including paralysis, cancer and organ failure. Even milk, chocolate and baby food is often fake or chemically manufactured.

Fake milk made from chemicals and water.


PARIS’s Education Program feeds, shelters, clothes and educates abandoned & orphaned children (Zakat funded). PARIS provides food to single mother households who agree to send their children to school instead of to work. PARIS has partnered with Jaago Foundation and government schools to send these children to school.

PARIS helps sponsor orphans like Abdullah.

PARIS’s VEX Robotics, Coding & Building Computer Lab Program (Sadaka funded):

At PARIS, we believe in breaking the cycle of poverty through education. PARIS enhances the education for the poorest children through its partnership with Jaago Foundation school in Korail Bostee. PARIS has donated 26 refurbished laptops, built a computer lab and taught coding to Korail Bostee school children.

PARIS teaches coding to slum school children in Korail Bostee.

It has also donated $10,000 worth VEX robot parts to the Jaago Foundation Korail Bostee school children and are teaching them how to build and program the robot. PARIS has engaged one of the top VEX robotics teams in the US to teach these children virtually through zoom sessions. (Sadaka funded).

PARIS teaches robotics to slum school children in Korail Bostee.

PARIS’s Community Watch program to stop tainted children’s foods program (Sadaka funded):

PARIS has created a Community Watch program in which it works with authorities, community leaders, vendors and journalists to catch and report fake or chemically tainted children’s foods to the public. It also helps arrange for an alternative source of income for the culprit and takes action for punitive measures against the culprit in case of non-cooperation.



  1. Become a board member by donating or raising $2,000/year.

  2. Donate $1/day (or $365/year) to education an orphaned or abandoned child.

  3. Volunteer in the US or Bangladesh.


  1. Donate and ask 2 others to donate.

  2. Your donations are tax-exempt.

  3. PARIS is a non-profit organization with a tax exempt status with EIN 38-3559127.

Donate zakat and sadaka funds of $100 or more to get a complementary copy of Bridge Over Troubled Waters ~ A Daughter’s Memoir of the Man Behind North South University.

“What an extraordinary achievement and labor of love. It is more than a biography - it is a work of history with great literary merit,” – Dr. Gowher Rizvi, International Affairs adviser to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.



Sheikh Mustapha El Turk, IONA