by PARIS (Political Activism, Relief and Institutional Startups)

Defending minorities from human rights violations by governments.

Imagine if someone threw your child into the fire because you were from a different ethnicity or religion ...

The Genocide of Rohingyas

The Problem:

Rohingya men have been burned to death. Countless women have been raped and set on fire in locked houses. Babies have been thrown into the fire in front of their mothers.

Nowhere in the world do they burn people alive, except in Myanmar. All were committed by the Myanmar military government and local mobs.

Shocking Facts:

1) The US military is cooperating with the Myanmar military.

2)There are no economic sanctions on the Myanmar military government.

Our Strategy
We organize constituents to put top-down pressure on lawmakers through volunteer leaders meeting with their Senators.

We put bottom-up grassroots pressure on lawmakers as we organize 100's of volunteers to call their Senators on specific days every week so when phones keep ringing, the Senator's staff and Senator is compelled to pay attention to the issue.


Ask your Senator to support S. 4659 (The Rohingya Genocide Determination Act) and put economic sanctions on the Myanmar military government.

116th Congress Senate Bill 4659


Effective Strategy

We are organizing in the states belonging to the members of the house and senate foreign relations committee.

The list of the senate members on the Foreign Relations Committee can be found here

How can you help?

Go to our volunteer signup page to:

  • Join us as a leader to meet with your Senators

  • Call your Senator or text the word BURMA to the short code 484848 to join the Peace for Rohingyas campaign. So when you are ready, we will automatically connect you to your Senator by phone - a recorded message and txt message will tell you what to say.


    Donate and ask your friends & family to also donate.

    Your donations are tax-exempt

    PARIS is a non-profit organization with a tax exempt status with EIN 38-3559127

  • Where does your donation go?

    $10,000 budget per state per year

    1. $2,800 for technology to make 5,000 calls.
    2. $7,200 for food and gas for volunteers.
    Leadership Team:

    We have in-depth experience in running campaigns, recruiting thousands of volunteers using Harvard professor Marshall Ganz's organizing model & advanced technology.

    Founder President, PARIS, Seema Ahmad

    Mayor Karen Majewski

    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

    Sheikh Suleiman Ali Suleiman

    Imam, Mitchell Shamsuddin


    Sheikh Mustapha El Turk, IONA